Thursday, April 14, 2011


So its been some time since i posted last and thats because my life has been crazy! lol

When i was in the hospital my sister told me that she was giving me a trailer!! She let her brother in-law live in it and he was moving so she gave it to us. Down side her brother in-law was a total slob *yuck*. When i got out of the hospital me and my fiance stayed up at my dads in Erie while my baby was in the NICU up at
Hamot. When we finally got to come home as a family =) my fiance spent every day over at the trailer cleaning like a mad man! it took about 2 weeks or so before he would even let me come over to see it. Him and my family did a wonderful job making this place look good i guess just out of the living room they took out 23 bags of trash!!!! *nuts i know*

But we are all moved in and 90% unpacked lol and now my life is just a little nuts-oh but that's just because i have a 2 month old and he has  PT & SI coming weekly *PT comes one week SI the other*

I have lots of things i have made since my last posting i just have to find what we did with the charger for my camera so i can take and post picks!

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