Monday, May 9, 2011

So mypinkstamper did 12 challenges for National Scrapbook day (May 07)
I did all but 2

Here is what i did for them!

Challenge 1. Anything Cupcake!!!

How cute is this cupcake? I actually used old 3-ring binder separators i had left over from college! How true is the stamp i used "too much of a good thing is simply wonderful" ^_^

Challenge 3. Breast cancer theme item

Simple but sweet!
Last year my best friends dad past away from brain cancer and in his honor we started a rely for life team and one of our members is a breast cancer survivor!!!

Challenge 4. Make something with a Mother's Day Theme!

                                                                                    Well this challenge came at a great time i didn't have my moms mothers day card made yet so when i see her tomorrow she'll actually get this pretty little card.
Its made with a page from an OLD woman's day magazine that was left by the person who lived in my house before us

Challenge 5. Any 3-D item OR 3-D item on your card

April showers brings may flowers
May is the best month of the year!  Mothers day, My anniversary, And MY BIRTHDAY! WOOT
I made the flowers that POP out from the middle of the card out of colorful ads in some magazines i had

Challenge 6. Incorporate a TAG into your project!
I am in love with this little card! its so sweet!
I hate my hand writing but i didn't like the way "Escape" looked when i cut it out on my cricut but i think i did an okay job on it ;-)

Challenge 7. Make a Scrapbook Page!
Well i Dont scrapbook very much if at all but i figure with the birth of my first child it wouldn't hurt to start.
If you know me you know i LOVE LOVE trees lol
I think its cute and simple and not to bad for the start of my scrapbooking life =P

Challenge 8. Make a summer themed project!

Summer Breeze makes me fill fine......
My sister is always so lucky when in comes to yard sales, the blue and white paper is actually wrapping paper that my sister got a HUGE roll of from so yard sale!!!!

Challenge 9. Use Glitz, Glam and Glitter in your project!

So i was REALLY shocked at how hard this one was for me!
If you ask my family they would say if I'm "lost" in a store just try and find the row with the most shiny objects lol... whats sad is it true haha
But in all my craft stuff i had nothing shiny, glittery etc.
but i did have paint (the blue background) and silver nail polish ^_^

Challenge 10. Make a layout or card with a pet in it!

This card turned out pretty cute!
I wish i could find the cord for my camera so i could use it and not my phone.

Challenge 11. Make a project and use Pink, Green and Black in it!

I have to say i love pink and green! if i had a little girl this card is what i feel she would be dressed like lol

Well i hope you guys like what i had to offer and i would LOVE comments! I wish i got more they are always nice to read and helpful!

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