Sunday, February 20, 2011

My baby is born!!!!

Well had a hell if a week! On the 11th i went in to the hospital because my blood pressure was something/112 *very bad* spent two days there and they couldn't get my BP under control so they sent me to Magees-Womens hospital in Pittsburgh pa *about 1 1/2 hours south of where i live* talk about a long ride in the ambulance! Once in in Magees i was poked so many times lol lost count at 23 stabs. It hard to get my blood out of me.

On the 15th i started getting a pain on my right side under my ribs and a funky burp taste in my mouth. So they gave me the meds to start labor. BUT my liver had other plans. The pain was nuts i got two shots of morphine it did nothing!!! they came in and said its time to get the baby out!!!

got the epidural put in but it didn't fully work so had to be put under and my son was born at 9:09pm Feb 15th =)

I got severe pre-eclampsia and HELLP my blood platelets dropped all the way down to 40!!!!

It took 2 days before i got to meet my son. best moment of my life =)

spent few more days in the hospital because they could take the epidural out because my blood platelets didn't want to go up

But I'm home now! My son Aiden is still in Pittsburgh but tomorrow he is being moved to Erie. My dad lives in Erie so we are staying with him for the time Aiden is in the hospital *fingers crossed it wont be long* It shouldn't be long till we are all home together! he is breathing on his own and isn't on any monitors and takes a bottle every other feeding

            His binky 

such a sweet smile

     Proud daddy =)

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