Thursday, February 10, 2011

My sisters shower is coming up

My sisters baby shower is on the 12 and for her i made onesies. they took me all this week to make. I havent been able to get motivted to do much this week. My dr put me on blood pressure meds cuz my bp is not good which scares me cuz my one sister had to have all 4 of her kids very early due to her high blood pressure. I have to get test done on sat then back to the dr tue so wish me luck...

anyways here are the onesies i did up for sat....

Arrr... change me booty
Mommy loves me more than zombies love brains (my sister love zombie movies)

I made this one because my sister had a hard time finding one that said my mommy most say my daddy rocks

The greenish color is just a piece of paper to keep the paint from bleeding on to the back...

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